Philkraft Pressure Pan


Can you fry without using cooking oil?

Can you bake without using an oven?

Yes you can with the 

Pressure Pan

Reduce your need for cooking oil.  With Philkraft's Pressure Pan, you don't need to use oil in frying dishes.  You simply place the meat in the pan and by adjusting the heat of your stove, you can have either steamed, roasted or fried meals without unhealthy oil!

Breads are also easy to make using the pressure pan!.  Make corn breads, banana breads, rice cakes, mango bars, etc. on top of your stove!

You can also cook hard-boiled egg without using water!

Other things you can cook with so little time are steaks and barbecues! Bacon without using additional cooking oil turns so crispy and delicious too!

Flavor and nutrients retention are also great with the Pressure Pan!

It's so easy to clean too! If you are going to cook multiple dishes, you simply have to wipe the pan to take off the excess oil (from the meat) or water (from your vegetables) and place another meal to cook!

Watch this short   video to see the pressure pan in action.

If you are within Metro Manila, please don't hesitate to contact us for a free demonstration.

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